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Guateque! ...and you thought Cuba was 90 miles away
About Us

"GUATEQUE!"    ...and you thought Cuba was 90 miles away!

Conjunto Progreso, Miami's most celebrated Traditional Cuban Music ensemble
has joined forces with two of Miami´s most staunch allies, The Ministry of
Culture (creators of FUACATA!) , and Omni World Productions (creators Afro
Roots Festival & Women & Culture Fest) to bring you "GUATEQUE!". This event
invites folks of different cultures and generations to unite and celebrate
the full gamut of a Traditional Cuban Guajiro Hoedown which includes music,
food, an outdoor country atmosphere, and of course rum. Patrons will be
taken back in time to a place where machetes were used as instruments and
bohios with roofs made of guano, were the homes to many guajiros.

"GUATEQUE!" represents the inauguration of an event, long in coming, bearing
the namesake's of our great sponsors, that would serve to promote and preserve
the rich and heralded contributions bestowed upon the City of Miami by its
most celebrated citizens. We invite you to be part of this event that is an
exponent of the festive Cuban culture, without whom Miami, as we know it,
would cease to exist.

The event will take place every Sunday starting September 28, 2003 from
6 pm till 11 pm. It will be held at Café Hoy Como Ayer, which is located on
Calle Ocho and 22nd ave. right in the heart of Little Havana, U.S.A.. Based
on the success of prior events put on by the affiliated parties, we expect
an average of 400+ attendees a week.  This will include local and out of
town patrons.

"GUATEQUE!" has already gained the support of many distinguished
organizations which include Kiwanis of Little Havana, Lee Cohen and the 
Viernes Cultural organization, WDNA 88.9 FM, Laura Quinlan and the Rhythm Foundation, and  Pimienta Records to name a few . 

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