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About Us

Conjunto Progreso

About Us




Miami's own Conjunto Progreso has been nominated for a 2006 Grammy Award for Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album for their CD "Masters of Cuban Son" on Pimienta Records dist. by Universal Music. Ever since it’s inception, the traditional Cuban Son ensemble Conjunto Progreso has taken audiences back in time to the nostalgic era of early Cuban popular music. Led by Johnny Aguilˇ, son of Cuban trumpet legend and band leader Rolando "El Ruso" Aguilˇ (Lecuano Cuban Boys, Orquesta Hermanos Castro, Conjunto Casablanca, etc) and grandson of Cuban Bass player Mario Aguilˇ (Conjunto Yumuri, Orquesta Saratoga, Conjunto Casablsanca, Nat King Cole) and co-founded by Johnny Aguilo and Jose Elias who started the group back in April of 1999 and since then they have seen the group grow from a quartet, to its recent incarnation of nine members. Through the years, Conjunto Progreso shows have featured an array of legendary artist including Johnny's dad Rolando "El Ruso" Aguilˇ, Congero Luis Miranda an original mainstay of the Machito Orchestra, bassist extraordinaire Eddie “GUA GUA” Rivera of the legendary group Batacumbele, Trumpeter Feliciano “Pachu” Gomez who has worked with Cachao, Roberto Faz and Riverside Orchestras respectfully, and Lazaro “Tato” Alfonso, the original conga and bata drum player of Irakere. Conjunto Progreso is a musical group made up of middle age and young, aggressive Cuban musicians. Their experience goes back to many of the major orchestras and musical associations in Cuba as well as several salsa and charanga groups in New York and South Florida as well as recording and backing major Latin artist in the S.Florida area. In 2004, Conjunto Progreso released its long awaited debut album titled Masters of Cuban Son, The record features an array of songs by legendary Cuban composers such as Nico Saquito, Miguel Matamoros, and Compay Segundo to name a few. Interpreting well known compositions with incredible arragements by several of the members of the group. Conjunto Progreso brings you a one of a kind traditional Cuban recording. No wonder many publications have called them Masters of Cuban Son. The album was so well received by the American public that it was honored by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences with a 2006 Grammy Award Nomination under the category of Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album. Furthermore, throughout the music industry, the group has been noted as the Buena Vista Social Club of America Conjunto Progreso is one of the hardest working bands in the U.S. and based out of Miami FL. For more info contact Johnny Aguilˇ 786-624-8781 or e-mail jaguilo@msimusic.com or aguilomusic@yahoo.com

The Band is:

Johnny Aguilˇ: lead vocals, maracas

Rolando Perez: lead vocals, claves

Jose Elias: guitar, tres

Miguel Gomez: bass, vocals

Adialberto Perez: congas

Edel Perez: bongos, cowbell, timbal 

Juan Marquez: trumpet, vocals

Michel Fragoso: Piano

Jose "Pepe" Cabral 

Conjunto Progreso has also a collection of special guest that join the band on different occasions.

Rolando Aguilo: Trumpet, Papo Delgado: Piano, lazaro"Tato"Alfonso:Congas,Feliciano "Pachu" Gomez: trumpet, Luis Goecoechea: Bass, Rey "Conga" Diaz: Congas, Ulicis del Toro: Tres, Rafael Ponce: piano, Luis Miranda: congas, Adalberto "Trompetica" Lara: trumpet, Eddy "Guagua" Rivera: bass, Onel Mulet: saxophone & flute, Lenny Timor: trumpet, David Font: Congas, Araelio Guerra: tres, Miguel Rega: bongos, Santiago Nani: bongos, Ed Rosado: Bongo, Timbal

Made up of some of Miamis most diverse musicians, Conjunto Progreso was founded in April of 1998, Coming together to revive the sound of the traditional Cuban Son.

As one of Miami's hardest working bands, They have entertained countless Cuban music fans with their traditional Son, Latin Jazz and Descargas (Jam sessions).

They have also appeared in numerous venues around South Florida and here's a few.


Arriba de la Bola

El Show de Fernado Hidalgo, Channel 41

AMERICA, a TV show on the cable network channel 13 Miavision.

EN PERSONA a talk show also on Miavision.

TV Marti for Rumba On 6.

˝ews TV in Mexico & Argentina.

a Cuban American Documetary for German TV.

Clubs & Resturants

Hierbabuena Nightclub (house band)

Jazziz Bistro Seminole Paradise

Fritz & Franz Bierhaus Coral Gables

Havana Nights Bistro (house band)  

Bread & Jam @ Meeting Point in the Design District.     

B.E.D. on South Beach (house band)

Satchmo Blues Bar & Grill              

Rumba on 6 (house band)   

Tobacco Road

Hoy Como Ayer (house band)

World Jazz @ Cafe Del Mar

Babalu Bar in Coconut Grove

Titanic in Coral Gables

Spice in N. Miami Beach

Pazzo on Las Olas

New Power Studios (house band) 

the Ritz Carlton on Miami Beach 

Marlin Bar on South Beach,

Da Capo Resturant in Coral Gables

La Bodeguita Del Medio in Little Havana (house band)

Mambo # 5 (house band)

Baleen in Grove Isle Club 

Books & Books in Coral Gables

Guateque @ Hoy Como Ayer (House Band)

La Bodeguita Martinez (House Band)

El Rincon de Ana (House Banda)

Special Events

Miami MetroZoo (Every Saturday)

Hollywood Beach theater

Fourth of July 1999 at Bayfront Park

Viernes Cultural on SW 8th Street (3 different occasions)

Viernes Culturales on SW 8th Street Feb 27, 2004

Viernes Cultural on SW 8th street Feb, 2005

Kiwanis Gala Event at Viscaya 2002

Kiwanis Gala Event at Viscaya 2003

Kiwanis Gala Event at Viscaya 2004

Kiwanis Gala Event at Viscaya 2005

closing party for FIU Film Festival 2002

A Night in Old Havana, A fund raising party for the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

the annual Friends Dinner and Silent Auction for the Miami Light Project 2002

a concert at the 73rd street Bandshell for the Rhythm Foundation's Summer Series 2002.

grand opening of the new Banana Republic stores at Lincoln Road and Collins Avenue

Esperanto Music at Lincoln Road

Remy's Records in Downtown Miami

the Build America Expo Feat. The biggest ever Cuban Memorabilia & Nostalgia show in South Florida

MOCA JAZZ outdoor concerts every last Friday of the month

Special events at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art).

Sun Day On The Mile 2003

Sun Day On The Mile 2004

Carnival Miami on Calle Ocho 2002

Carnival Miami on Calle Ocho 2003

Carnival Miami on Calle Ocho 2004

Carnival Miami on Calle Ocho 2005

5th Annual Fet Champet "Celebration of the Earth" 2003

City of Miami's "Sensational Sunday"2003

Casals & Associates Christmas Party in Alexandria, Virginia 2003

Closing Party For Miami Film Festival 2004

Flamingo Fest 2005

Coconut Grove Block Party 2005

Premier Party for Freedom Flight the Movie

Revlon party at Mar-O-Lago with Alicia Keys.


Thank you for taking time out to find out a little about us.

Conjunto Progreso